Choose Ambulatory Excellence for Your Patients with Saguaro

Dec 18, 2023

To the dedicated discharge planners and case managers of Tucson’s hospitals, ensuring your patients receive top-tier care post-discharge is paramount. The journey from hospital to home, or to another medical facility, is as crucial as the treatment itself. As you coordinate this pivotal step, let Saguaro Medical Transport be your partner in ambulatory excellence.

1. Tailored to Hospital Discharge Needs

Collaborative Planning

At Saguaro, we understand the complexities involved in planning a patient’s release. Our teams actively work alongside discharge planners and case managers to ensure transportation aligns seamlessly with patient requirements and discharge schedules.


2. Transparent Communication

Real-time Updates

From the moment a transport is scheduled, our systems are set to provide real-time updates. We recognize how vital timely communication is, particularly when you have multiple discharges to oversee.

Feedback Loops

Post-transfer, our communication doesn’t end. We offer feedback loops, allowing you to understand the patient’s experience during the transport, ensuring continuous improvement.

3. Safety and Comfort: Our Priority

State-of-the-Art Ambulatory Equipment

From our vehicles to the equipment on board, we spare no expense in ensuring everything is state-of-the-art. Patients experience a comfortable and smooth transition, even in the most sensitive post-operative states.

Certified Professionals at the Helm

Every ambulatory transport at Saguaro is overseen by certified professionals trained in emergency response, ensuring that your patient is in the safest hands possible.

4. An Extension of Your Care

Consistent Service Quality

With Saguaro, you’re not just choosing a transportation service; you’re opting for a partner in patient care. Our service quality consistently reflects the high standards of care you provide within the hospital walls.

Streamlined Systems

To minimize administrative load on hospital staff, our systems are designed for efficient booking, reporting, and billing, ensuring smooth interaction at every step.

Elevate Discharge Planning

We understand that as a discharge planner or case manager, your primary goal is the patient’s well-being. With Saguaro Medical Transport as your partner, you can assure your patients and their families of a transportation experience marked by care, professionalism, and dedication. Trust in our commitment to ambulatory excellence, and let’s together ensure the best for Tucson’s patients.