Assisted Living Transportation Services in Tucson

Sep 24, 2023

As providers of top-tier Assisted Living Transportation Services in Tucson, we recognize the paramount importance of offering accessible transportation services to our senior community and those with unique medical needs. After all, transportation is not just about movement; it’s about preserving the independence and dignity of each individual.


Services Offered

Saguaro Medical Transport isn’t just another transportation company. We’re a symbol of trust, safety, and dedication for many in Tucson. Our wide array of services includes:

  • Wheelchair Transport: Catering specifically to those who rely on wheelchairs for mobility, ensuring comfort throughout the journey.
  • Bariatric Transport: Specially designed for larger patients, our vehicles ensure safety without compromising dignity.
  • Stretcher Transport: For individuals requiring a reclined position during transport.
  • Ambulatory Transport: For those who can walk on their own but might need some assistance or monitoring.
  • Hospice Transport: Serving those in end-of-life care with utmost compassion and care.
  • Long-Distance Transport: Extending our services beyond Tucson, ensuring individuals can reach distant medical facilities when required.

What truly differentiates our Assisted Living Transportation Services in Tucson is our unwavering commitment to safety, comfort, and reliability, making every trip seamless and stress-free.

Connecting with Hospitals

In our pursuit to provide unmatched transportation services, we’ve established robust relationships with hospital discharge planners and case managers. This collaboration with healthcare institutions not only ensures timely pickups and drop-offs but also guarantees that patients’ unique medical needs are always considered. Moreover, our innovative referral tracking systems enable smooth communication and swift bookings, further enhancing our services’ efficiency.

Partnering with Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities serve a crucial role in our community, and understanding the distinct transportation needs of their residents is imperative. From regular medical checkups to specialized treatments, we tailor our transportation solutions to match these requirements. By fostering close partnerships with these facilities, we ensure that every resident experiences reliable, compassionate, and timely transportation, living up to our promise of excellence.

Assisted Living Facility Collaborations

The role of assisted living facilities as vital sources of referrals cannot be understated. At Saguaro Medical Transport, we go beyond just offering transport. We align our services with the ethos of these institutions, presenting bespoke transportation options that cater to the unique requirements of their residents. Our unwavering professionalism, reliability, and staunch commitment to our core values make us the preferred choice for many assisted living facilities in Tucson.

Long-Distance Wheelchair Transport

There’s an increasing demand for trustworthy providers for long-distance wheelchair transport, and Saguaro Medical Transport proudly fulfills this need. Whether you’re an individual or an organization seeking to move wheelchair-bound individuals to or from out-of-town locations, we’re here to ensure the journey is comfortable and safe. With state-of-the-art vehicles, specialized services, and a sterling reputation, we are undeniably Tucson’s go-to choice for long-distance wheelchair transport.


In a nutshell, Assisted Living Transportation Services in Tucson are not just about shuttling patients from point A to B. It’s about enhancing independence, guaranteeing safety, and fostering trust. At Saguaro Medical Transport, we’re not just providers; we’re partners in your healthcare journey. If you seek top-notch, reliable, and timely non-emergency medical transport, your search ends here. Reach out to us, book our services, and experience the difference firsthand.